John Pachello wins a Mechanics race at Big Country Speedway 1960

#20 Rex Snell

#12 Greta Land-Fulsom

#35 connie sutherland 1958

thanks to long time carc supporter and driver harold schafer for sharing these great pictures from his collection!!

#78 don palmer


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#10 Audrey Bolyard 1965

#128 Donnie Huvler or Roy Edwards 1958

 Our sincere wishes for everyone's health and safety! 


CARC The 1950's

#89 Pat Hoffman

CARC The 1990's

#28 Ron Dike

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of a dear friend and fellow competitor. Greg McLaughlin. Greg had undergone surgery on his feet and had recently been released to go home. He developed stomach trouble and he passed away. Friends went to do a welfare check on him and he was discovered Saturday morning. Please remember Greg in your prayers he was a heck of a mechanic and and loved racing with a huge passion.  Thanks, Peggy and Chris Ertler​

Greg’s memorial service, will be October 17th at 2:00PM at the First Baptist Church In Hudson, 610 Cherry St, Hudson, Colorado. Family requests Hawaiian Shirts or racing shirts and jeans. Greg was not a dress up guy.  reception after the services at the church and in Greg fashion and his sweet tooth we are asking for any of the ladies to bring dessert.  any questions they can reach Debbie at 712-215-2215. 

#68 john palmer

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We have sadly lost another CARC stalwart and two-time former Powder Puff champion. Second from left in the righthand photo, Jean Balderston has headed to the racetrack in heaven. Our condolences to the entire Balderston family. - Paul Bredenberg‎

                                                               Welcome to
The state of Colorado has a strong oval track Auto Racing heritage. The Colorado Automobile Racing Club (CARC), the oldest auto racing club in Colorado, has played a star role in that racing heritage. thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to bring the rich 70+ year coupe racing history to you.   Please take a few minutes to look over our History page to learn more.  Help us keep our sport alive.  we  hope you will keep the CARC and modified coupe racing a part of Colorado's racing scene for many years to come! 

Colorado Automobile Racing Club

CARC Current Activities

#69 Russ Sutherland

#28 Don Hughes

  • #73 Butch Spiecher
  • #100 Dave Swain
  • ​#98 Bart Manley

carc powder puff races where very big in the early years!

Shirley Horn 1959

#20 Sis Hochmiller 1958


#52 Craig Moore

#98 Don Pressley

#100 Bud Potter

#38 Sheriann Thurman 

#73 bob wallace 1958

Hi Mod Coupe fans.

The 2020 CARC racing season concluded with a very lively get-together of about 25 fans at the Englewood Eagles lodge.
Many THANX to Christina Conover and Mike Cox for organizing this event. Unfortunately, many invitees could not attend due to other commitments.
   The 2020 season included 4 races  (all at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne).Races scheduled at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo were cancelled due to track not opening this season. Thanx to Steven St.Peter for putting together the race schedule for 2020. A small field of 6 drivers ( Steven St.Peter, Gary Land, Matt Pierce, Don Hoselton, Ari Vair and Mike Cox) competed during the year. Mike Cox was named the Champion ( his 2nd CARC Championship) followed closely by Ari Vair and Don Hoselton. Mike Cox won 3 main events and Ari Vair won 1 main event. Ari Vair was named Rookie of the Year ( Darrell Taylor again sponsored and presented the ROTY trophy).

  Mike Cox and Christina Conover have stepped up to keep the CARC alive in 2021 with races at Intermountain expected to continue in 2021.
Hopefully an end to this health alert will come sooner than later. Stay tuned for updates on 2021.
Final 2020 CARC Point Standings
Mike Cox - 270  CHAMPION
Ari Vair - 259     ROTY
Don Hoselton - 252
Matt Pierce - 165
Gary Land - 46
Steven St.Peter - 46

Hope for a Brighter 2021
Theron Bredeson/CARC Asst Secretary

#41 Rex Snell

#14x Dale DeWitt 

CARC The 1970's

#63 harold schafer & crew

It All Started For The CARC In The 40's

#33 Donna Barton

#57 Larry & Jean Balderston 1958

#1 Nancy Campbell 

#80 Matt Davich

#16D Jim Malloy

CARC The 1940's

#27 Royce Newman

CARC Tribute to Joe & Bob Balzano, Gall Upton, Fred Boles and Tom Gibbons, #3, #33, #133 Cars from the 1950's

From Mrs Colleen Miller
Photography by Duncan Photographers

Thanks to bill peratt, bruce rhoades and chris ertler for these treasures

#20 Mike Drieth


Who Said You Can't Make $$$$ Racing!!!

#88 dan day  #25 ? 1958

#71 Velma Billinger

# 52 Vern root

#15 Marcy Haag 

palmer brothers  carc family racing history shared by charlie palmer

#73 dan day  1958

#53 Gary schafer

#8 Bones stevens

#60 Sammy Sauer

#47 Larry McLaughlin

thanks to all the carc late model divison supporters from back in the day!!!

#82 Sammy Sauer

CARC's Rick Carrelli went on to the highest levels of nascar


CARC The1960's

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#31 Bill Freiburg

#51 Ken Nelson

Modified Coupes for the Ages!


Greg McLaughlin Passes

#46 Elaine Sawin 

  • #61 Fritz Wilson
  • #2 Wayne Stallsworth
  • ​#3 Odie Roberts


#57 Jean Balderston 


#18 Audrey Bolyard 1960

##14 Fritz Wilson Atop Sammy Sauer

#88 dan day 1957


                                                                                                                                      Story By Paul Bredenberg
An interesting short story. Last spring, a man named Jack Smith, Jr. called me from California, saying he is the son of the late Jack Smith who raced with the CARC from 1946 to 1951. He was also CARC President in '50 and '51. Jack, Jr. and his nephew, also named Jack Smith, were interested in his Dad's racing, so I dug up everything I had on Jack Sr. and asked some of the remaining old timers what they remembered. I put together a packet of pictures and program notes mentioning Jack. He was so grateful that I decided to build a model of the car to send to him. I got the car done in late summer but didn't get around to getting the decals finalized and printed until December. I sent him the model and received back a wonderful thank you card from his wife, Cynthia, telling me that Jack had died in September. She said that the model would be preserved as a family heirloom. Sad to receive that bit of information, but still glad to have honored this man's memory and contribution to local racing.

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With 70+ years of CARC history out there, there is a lot of it that we don't have on the website and we would love to share it with our fans.  Please look over what's already on the site and go to your personal collections and take a look at what might be worth sharing (send me not your originals, but copies, also I can do the scanning/copying if you can't and will protect your valuable collections).  Please consider sharing this history with everyone!!  If you see incorrect information, please let me know. Contact Mike Wood at
and we can figure out how to get it on the site!.

CARC The 2000's

#73 dan day 1958

thanks to Richard Dana Losh for these cool pictures, i believe most are from the dan day collection!


CARC The 1980's